Overcoming Limits

I recently came across a beautiful video that was truly inspiring and I wanted to share it with with you.

Deaf Singer Mandy Harvey Wows America’s Got Talents judges with a beautiful original song “Try”.

Mandy Harvey is a twenty nine year old singer, that lost her hearing when she was 18, she was asked by Simon Cowell how did she loose her hearing and she explained “I have a connective tissue disorder, so basically I got sick and my nerves deteriorated”.

Mandy had been singing since she was a little girl, but kind of gave up after losing her hearing. After some time she realized she wanted to come back to what she was passionate about, and that was music. Before she sang, she took her shoes off to feel the tempo and beat of the music through the floor of the stage.

Truly amazing, this is is just one of those amazing stories about not giving up despite the circumstances.

Watch the video here and be inspired with such a beautiful story.

Stay blessed,

Maribel Ravelo x

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