Training the Boss!

 I recently came across a wonderful story, one from which we can learn a few things from.
There is a TV program in the USA called, “Undercover Boss” in which the CEO of a company starts working as if he was one of the employees, to check what really goes on in his company/ business on a day to day basis. In this story the CEO meets one of his employees and he’s left with a huge burden, in his heart to help her.

A few lessons here:

No Excuses

1. The employee’s living conditions, were never an excuse for her, not to do her best at her work place. 

2. Encouragement through difficult moments

Even when the employee was having a hard time living the way she was, she was still encouraging someone else, giving him hope and believing for the best.

3. The Power of going the Extra Mile

The employee was training her boss without realizing it; the way she tells him how she loves her job and the company… She was doing her best and it was this that opened a door for a supernatural promotion and a lovely surprise at the end!

If there is a skill that will certainly open doors for you everywhere you go: it’s when you go the extra mile, when you do more than what’s expected from you!

Watch the video Undercover Boss and be encouraged with such a beautiful story.

Stay Blessed!

Maribel x

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