Happy Fathers Day

Today I want to honour a very special man, The Father of My Daughter!
I grew up without a dad, and when I came to know JESUS I realized how much I missed not having a dad with me. I really wanted my children to grow with a Dad, and have what I didn’t.

Nowadays we have people growing up without dads, others have dads but they actually live as if they don’t because they don’t get involved in their lives, and the ones that have their dads truly taking responsibility of their role as a father.

It’s interesting to note, that many of the problems that society is going through right now with regards to kids causing trouble, they all have something in common, “most of them come from fatherless homes”


If you have your Father, love him, cherish him, appreciate him; if you don’t have your father let me tell you about the most wonderful dad you could ever have, our “Heavenly Father” let Him show you the most powerful LOVE you could ever know.

I want go give a big shout to all the single mum’s out there and say thank you for being courageous and doing the best you can for your children, rest in the fact that God can be a great dad to your child and He will guide you to make the best decisions for your child.
A Big thank you to My Husband David, for being an amazing Dad to our little princess. Thank you for the hugs, kisses, play time, that you give to your daughter, thank you for the provision of love, protection, and guidance you bring into our home.

Your Queen and little princess love you more than words can express!

 A Father is: “A daughter’s first Love”


Maribel x

(Photography by: http://www.luzandeli.co.uk)

2 Comments on “Happy Fathers Day”

  1. Well said…I grew up with a dad and I don’t think I appreciated him enough, takes me lots of courage to even send him a message but I do related to the single mothers out there. My daughter grew without a dad and even though he is present now is like he isn’t. I was a single mother for about 12 years today and I know what is like to feel all alone and sad but thanks to God I have turn those memories into good ones and I can now say I had beautiful times with my daughter.

    Thank you Lord



    • Dorelly,
      I truly admire single mums, they are amazingly courageous, my mum was one of them for which I am forever thankful for all she did for me. I am glad we both can testify of God’s love and goodness in our lives and for the families we now have! Thanks for the message, stay blessed! xxx


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