Easter time is not about eggs, the real reason behind this celebration is the greatest act of love… A man named Jesus gave his life on a cross, so you and I can have the opportunity to reach eternal life!

The Last Words of Jesus on the Cross


“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they’re doing”  Luke 23:34


Forgiveness is the most powerful thing we can do to ourselves, it is not easy but it is necessary in order for us to experience a life in peace and away from bitterness.

We can not live our lives stuck to the past, in order for us to move forward we must forgive with all of our heart. Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling! We will never feel like forgiving anyone but it is crucial to forgive if we desire to advance ahead!


“I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise” Luke 23:43

Heaven is Real and so is hell!  Where you spend eternity is your decision! It is not about works, salvation is by faith alone, our works are just the evidence that I have given my life to Jesus and I embrace heaven as my eternal destiny.

“My home is in heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.”          Billy Graham


“Dear woman, here is your son.” (John 19:26)


Up until the last moments of Jesus life, He showed concern by leaving his mother. 

In this declaration of “Dear Woman, here is your son” he was saying, I know you are suffering by seeing me dying, I will leave someone to look after you in my place… 

Everything looks like it was “His beloved disciple” someone he trusted to take care of his mum now that He was leaving. 


“My God, My God, why have you abandoned me ?” Mark 15:34

We have all felt abandoned at some point in our lives. Jesus knows the feeling. He felt abandoned by His Heavenly Father, but this needed to happen as Jesus was paying for the sins of humanity, the Father had to separate his love from him. It was indeed very unfair for Jesus who had never committed  sin. 

Jesus wasn’t only abandoned, He was also betrayed by someone very close to him. The person who betrayed him, was eating from his same plate. This would only happen with someone who is special to you not just anyone. It has to be someone who is close and dear to your heart for you to eat from the same plate as them. However It is truly amazing that withstanding the fact Jesus knew  this person would betray him, he did not hold back from feeding him. 

He replied, “One of you who has just eaten from this bowl with me will betray me. Matthew 26:23 NLT

If you are hurt, or perhaps feeling abandoned or betrayed by someone you love and someone you trust, I want you to know that Jesus understands! He wants to restore you and heal your heart! It is Only Jesus that can heal our broken hearts!



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